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Jenny Johnson

RM, Tongue Tie Practitioner

My name is Jenny Johnson, I qualified as a midwife in 2003.

Assisting mothers and babies to succeed in breastfeeding has been a priority for me throughout my career.

However, it is since I had my own 3 children, that my interest in helping others succeed in breastfeeding has become my passion.


My first daughter was born, tiny and premature in 2013, it took her 9 long weeks, nipple shields, weight gain problems, expressing, tears and reflux treatment before we finally managed to breastfeed.

Next came her brothers in 2016 and 2018, twice their sisters’ size and seemingly happy to breastfeed.

Unfortunately, both suffered with tongue ties. This impacted on their abilities to effectively breastfeed and bottle-feed, and both had huge feeding problems as a result.


My own personal experiences of breastfeeding difficult babies prompted me to train as a tongue tie practitioner to improve the services available to women and their babies.

I fully understand the impact that a baby with feeding difficulties has on the mother, baby and family as a whole. It is my own personal goal to support you through these difficulties.


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