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Get to Know Me & My Philosophy


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Jennifer Johnson

RM, Tongue Tie Practioner

My name is Jenny Johnson, I qualified as a midwife in 2006 and have worked as a practicing midwife since.

I have always had a keen interest in supporting breastfeeding mothers and their babies. After my sons were born with tongue-ties, I was surprised at the lack of knowledge amongst health professionals on this condition. I therefore, decide to undertake a masters level course on tongue-tie and tongue-tie division.

I studied at the University of Wolverhampton, which is currently the only university accredited course in the county to do this. 

I sincerely believe that it is extremely important to provide a holistic service to babies who have a tongue tie. Simply cutting the tie and leaving without a support system is much less effective than dividing a tie and following this up with lactation support, which will logically improve the success of the procedure. For this reason I have teamed up with Amanda Brooks IBCLC who not only supports the baby's head during the procedure but assesses the baby's feeding effectiveness before and after the procedure offering help and support wherever possible. Together we aim to deliver the highest standard of care to ensure the maximum effectiveness of every tongue-tie division procedure that we undertake.

In line with all legal requirements, I am registered with the CQC to perform tongue-tie divisions and fully engage with their standards and expectations for patient care. I am insured and registered with the association of tongue tie practitioners (ATTP). Additionally I am a fully registered and practicing midwife with the NMC.  

I am currently working as an independent midwife with a focus on continuity of care.

NMC Registration: Jennifer Bright

Email address:

A B O U T  M E

Amanda Brooks


​My passion for supporting new families started after the birth of my first child.  I decided on a complete career change and trained as a Babywearing Consultant, running a busy sling library and consultancy for several years.  This allowed me to develop a passion for infant mental health and attachment.  During this time, I found there was a greater need for supporting families and trained as a Breastfeeding Peer Supporter.
This led me to a career with One to One Midwives as a Mother and Midwife Assistant and further sparked my passion for supporting families.  Offering individualised, specialist care surround infant feeding and normal newborn behaviour.
After the birth of my second child, I decided to start working towards achieving my certification as an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant.  This is the highest regarded qualification in breastfeeding, recognised worldwide.  After qualifying in 2018, I now specialise in the clinical management of infant feeding and complex feeding issues.


I currently work in both private practice and as an Infant Feeding Lead for a community team, in the NHS.

I strongly believe that care has to be individualised to your own needs and goals.  My role is to empower, encourage and educate families with evidence based information and tailored care.   

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Supporting the whole picture

At Cheshire Baby Support we pride ourselves on our problem solving skills.  Not just putting a quick fix in place but addressing the underlying cause for the issue. 

Our aim is to support your journey, feeding and parenting choices, no judgement.  

Providing evidence based information for you to make informed choices.  

We look at the entire picture you present and offer support not only during a consultation but afterwards too. 

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